SFTP - list files in a directory

Description - Lists the contents of a directory on SFTP Server

Runtime Class - com.ibi.agents.XDSFTPDirListAgent


This action requires a Generics Configuration as well as the following required parameters.

Parameter Groups

*DirectorystringWhat directory should be listed. The directory must exist.
IncludestringWhat items should be included in the listing.

Select from one of the following options:
  • Files {file} - Include only file names
  • Subdirectories {subdir} - Include only subdirectory names
  • All {all} - Include both files and subdirectories
Selection ExpressionstringRegular expression used to select files/directories, based on Pattern Type.
Pattern TypestringIf the Selection Expression is supplied, indicate whether it should be interpreted as a regular expression or a DOS-style wildcard.

Select from one of the following options:
  • Regular Expression {regex} - Full regular expressions used in selection
  • DOS-style Wild card {wildcard} - DOS-style wildcards (* and ? only)
*RetrystringIf non-zero, will retry the operation n times at one-second intervals.
* - denotes required

Output Events

OnParseErrorCould not parse a document.
OnFailConnectionCould not connect to the external system.
OnFailSecurityCould not operate due to a security violation.
OnFailedOperationCould not perform the operation requested.