1.3. Concept: iWay Connectors

iWay AWS Connectors

  • Amazon S3 Connector

    The iWay Amazon S3 Connector allows you to interact with Amazon's S3 API which enables users to download or store objects in the Amazon cloud.

  • DynamoDB Connector

    The iWay DynamoDB Connector allows you to perform CRUD operations against Amazons multi-model DynamoDB database.

iWay Big Data Connectors

  • Avro File Connector

    The iWay Avro File Connector enables applications to read/write files to the Apache Avro™ data serialization system.

  • HBase Connector

    The iWay HBase Connector allows you to connect to a HBase database running on top of HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System),. This allows you to store large quantities of sparse data providing Bigtable-like capabilities for Hadoop.

iWay Connectors

  • Blockchain Connector

    The iWay Blockchain Connector allows you to interact with either a Hyperledger Fabric or Ethereum blockchain network.

  • Email Connector

    The iWay Email Connector allows you to parse and/or send email messages with attachments.

  • File Connector

    This iWay File Connector allows you to read, write and perform standard file operations within the iWay technology stack.

  • FTP Connector

    The iWay FTP connector creates a communication channel between iWay and a FTP server. Operations often include upload, download, delete, rename, move and copy files on a remote server.

  • IOT Connector

    The iWay IOT Connector allows you to interact with IOT based systems such as MQTT & CoAP.

  • MongoDB Connector

    The iWay MongoDB Connector allows you to manage collections of BSON documents via the widely used NoSQL database, Mongo DB.

  • PDF Connector

    iWay PDF Connector allows you to work with PDF files within the iWay technology stack.

  • Queue Connector

    The iWay Queue Connector allows you to read/write messages on many popular queuing technologies including JMS, RabbitMQ, Sonic and many more.

  • Redis Connector

    The iWay Redis Connector allows you to perform CRUD operations on the Redis in-memory key-value store.

  • SFTP Connector

    The iWay SFTP Connector provides a secure file transport channel to exchange files with an external SFTP server.

  • Slack Connector

    The iWay Slack Connector enables users to interact with Slack a cloud-based set of proprietary team collaboration tools and services.

  • TCP Connector

    The iWay TCP Connector allows you to send messages over TCP/IP.

  • Twilio Connector

    The iWay Twilio Connector allows you to utilizes cloud based Twilio (Voice, SMS, and Video) services within the iWay technology stack.

  • Twitter Connector

    The iWay Twitter Connector enables users to send/get tweets from within the iWay technology stack.