Description - Download a file or directly from a SFTP site.

Runtime Class - com.ibi.agents.XDSFTPDirectFileTransfer


This action requires a Generics Configuration as well as the following required parameters.

Parameter Groups

*File Name:stringFile to be downloaded from a SFTP site.
Directory:stringRemote directory to download from. Not used if File Name is an absolute path.
* - denotes required
*Directory:stringLocal directory to write to.
* - denotes required
*Transfer Mode:stringAscii mode transfers files as 'text', binary mode transfers files as raw data.

Select from one of the following options:
  • ascii - Transfer in character mode
  • binary - Transfer in binary mode
Connection RetryintegerAttempted failed connects to SFTP server
Retry IntervalstringRetry interval in seconds (allows for xxhxxmxxs format) Omit or use 0 for no retry
Use SCPbooleanUse Secure Copy protocol for file copy. Not all servers support the use of SCP.
* - denotes required
Delete Source:booleanDelete source after downloading from SFTP server
*Output Document:stringDocument returned by object

Select from one of the following options:
  • Status Document {status} - Returns a status document
  • Input Document {original} - Returns the input document of the object.
*Return on Failure:stringDocument returned by object on execution failure.

Select from one of the following options:
  • Input Document {input} - Return status document on error
  • Status Document {status} - Return status document on error
* - denotes required

Output Events

OnParseErrorCould not parse a document.
OnFailConnectionCould not connect to the external system.
OnFailSecurityCould not operate due to a security violation.
OnFailedOperationCould not perform the operation requested.