Chapter 2. Application Development

  • 2.1. iWay Application Project

    Manage your iWay Application in a convenient Eclipse based project container. Add your application assets and let iWay DevOps tools manage the application deployment.

  • 2.2. iWay API Builder

    Import a RAML or OpenAPI definition and have iWay's API Builder scaffold an API for you. Each REST endpoint can be implemented using iWay Flow technology.

  • 2.3. iWay Configuration (Generics) Editor

    Our Configuration Editor lets you manage all reusable generic components from a single view. Make a single change.. and have it reflect across your entire application. Take advantage of iWay's generic technology to quickly make changes to your application in just a few clicks.

  • 2.4. iWay Flow Designer

    Drag Drop orchestration at your finger tips. Connect your business processes and easily implement the most commonly used integration patterns. Design, test and execute could not be easier.