IOT - ZeroMQ - send a message

Description - Send a ZeroMQ message

Runtime Class - com.ibi.agents.XDZeroMQEmitAgent


This action requires a Generics Configuration as well as the following required parameters.

Parameter Groups

Message Format:stringDetermines how the input document is interpreted to create the message. Single Part serializes the document into a single part message. Multipart creates a multipart message from an XML document adhering to the iwzeromq.xsd schema or from a JSON array. Dynamic creates a multipart message if the document is in the expected format, otherwise it create a single part message.

Select from one of the following options:
  • Single Part {single}
  • Multipart {multipart}
  • Dynamic {dynamic}
Read Reply:booleanOn bidirectional sockets, read a reply message after sending the message. This is more appropriate for the REQ socket.
* - denotes required
Format:stringDetermines how the response message is stored in the document if the Return Document is the response. The last part can be stored flat as bytes, or parsed as XML or JSON. Alternatively, all parts can be stored in an XML or JSON container.

Select from one of the following options:
  • All parts in XML container {xmlmultipart}
  • All parts in JSON container {jsonmultipart}
  • Last part as flat {flat}
  • Last part as parsed XML {xml}
  • Last part as parsed JSON {json}
* - denotes required
Return Document:stringWhether the output document will be the response, a status document or the input document.

Select from one of the following options:
  • Response {response} - response will be the out document.
  • Status {status} - status document will be the out document.
  • Input {input} - input document will be the out document
* - denotes required

Output Events

onFailParseCould not parse a document.
onFailTimeoutThe operation timed out.
onFailOperationCould not perform the operation requested.