3.1. Concept: Providers

iWay Providers

  • Provider - Data Quality

    Data Quality Runtime Providers represent the DQS runtime, which maintains execution threads for DQS plans invoked by DQS Plan services in iSM.

  • Provider - HTTP

    This provider creates a reusable configuration for making HTTP/HTTPS requests.

  • Provider - MQTT

    This provider supports configuring the transport layer to a MQTT server.

  • Provider - Schedule

    The Schedule provider allows the administrator to create a task and schedule it for execution by the iWay runtime.

  • Provider - SNMP

    An SNMP Provider is a CommandResponder for SNMP requests and a Notification originator.

  • Provider - SSH

    SSH Client is the repository of all host SSH keys and the client's private keys.

  • Provider - TCP

    This provider allows connections using defined SSL and socket options to be shared within and across channels.

  • Provider - ZeroMQ Socket

    Description - Creates a ZeroMQ socket.

    Runtime Class - com.iwaysoftware.eclipse.template.ZeroMQSocketProviderType