Description - This provider allows connections using defined SSL and socket options to be shared within and across channels.
Runtime Class - com.iwaysoftware.eclipse.template.TCPConnectionProviderType


Parameter Groups

  Parameter Type Description
  Set TCP No Delay boolean If true, disables Nagle's Algorithm on the client socket. This will result in faster line turnaround at the expense of an increased number of packets.
  Reuse Socket Address boolean If true, allows a socket to be bound even though a previous connection is still in a timeout state. Note that this only applies when the local IP interface is specified. This option may be useful for applications that make a large number of short-lived, non-persistent connections, but should be changed with caution.
  Linger-On-Close Timeout integer This option disables/enables immediate return from a close() of a TCP Socket. Enabling this option with a non-zero Integer timeout means that a close() will block pending the transmission and acknowledgement of all data written to the peer, at which point the socket is closed gracefully. Upon reaching the linger timeout, the socket is closed forcefully, with a TCP RST. Enabling the option with a timeout of zero does a forceful close immediately. Note that this may have the effect of leaving sockets on the server side in a wait state. Enter -1 or leave blank for the JRE default.
  Secure Connection boolean If true, secure connection using SSL
  SSL Context Provider string iWay Security Provider for SSL Context. If the SSL Context Provider is left blank, the default provider will be used.

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  IP Interface Host string Local IP Interface from which the outgoing IP socket originates.
* Connection Timeout integer Maximum time in milliseconds to wait for a new connection to the server to be established
* - denotes required
  Parameter Type Description
* Maximum Connections Per Address integer Maximum number of connections to cache per address for this provider. Value must be greater than 0.
* Maximum Total Connections integer Maximum number of connections to be cached by this provider. Value must be greater than 0.
* - denotes required
  Parameter Type Description
  Eviction Interval integer Time between runs of the idle connection eviction thread, in seconds. 0 or a negative value means the eviction thread will never run.
  Idle Connection Timeout integer The minimum amount of time a connection can remain idle in the pool before the eviction thread disposes of it. When the eviction thread runs, if it finds that a connection has been idle for at least this interval, the connection will be removed from the pool and closed. 0 or a negative value means the idle connection can remain in the pool indefinitely. Note that a connection can remain in the pool longer than the timeout, depending on the scheduling of the eviction interval.
* - denotes required