Description - The iWay Service Manager can quickly and easily expose iWay Business Services as Web Services through the iWay Business Services Provider. The settings below refer to the configuration of the iWay Business Services Provider.
Runtime Class - com.iwaysoftware.eclipse.template.ServicesProviderType


Parameter Groups

  Parameter Type Description
  Data Store Type string iWay 7.0.5 requires the use of a data store to act as a metadata repository. The repository stores information that is used/generated during design time and then published into a deployed runtime environment. The following data store types are supported by this release of iWay.
  • Select from one of the following options:
  • Embedded Database (no data provider required) {embedded}
  • File System (no data provider required) {file}
  • IBM DB2 {db2}
  • MaxDB {maxdb}
  • Microsoft SQL Server {sqlserver}
  • Oracle {oracle}
  • Sybase {sybase}
  Data Provider Name string The JDBC connection information is set by specifying the name of a conforming JDBC data provider.

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  Connection Pooling boolean Each request for a new database connection involves significant overhead. This can impact performance if obtaining new connections occurs frequently. When connection pooling is enabled, connections are made from connection pools limit the cost of creating connections.
* - denotes required
  Parameter Type Description
  Publishing Location string When an iWay Business Services is created and published as a web service, a Web Services Description Language (WSDL) file is generated to describe the service. This file is saved in a hierarchy rooted at the WSDL publishing location.
  Adapter Directory string The iWay Business Services Provider uses iWay Adapters to expose web services. You can override the default location of the adapters directory. Please remember that the location of the adapters library must be available on the active classpath before it will be used.
  Policy Based Security boolean The iWay Business Services Provider can be configured to provide policy based security. Policies have been implemented to govern runtime permissions on one or more iWay Business Services based on a user/group membership, IP addresses and/or IP domains. The security policy must be set on to enable policy based security.
  Namespace Awareness boolean If set, iWay Business Services will preserve XML namespaces from the adapter's response message. Note that when the java system property ibsp.wsdl.nsaware is set to "true", namespaces will be preserved without regard for the Namespace Awareness property.
  Operation Namespace URI string If set, iWay Business Services will use this URI for the operation node in the SOAP response. Note that when the java system property ibsp.operation.ns is set, the value of the java system property will be used and this parameter will be ignored.
  Use Correlation Attribute boolean If set, use a correlation attribute (cid) to correlate the request and the response.
* - denotes required