1.3 Registering iWay Software

A default license file, provided when you install iWay 8.0 SM, allows you to use all features of iWay, including adapters, for 90 days. In order to receive a permanent license file that allows you to use the iWay features you purchased beyond this trial period, you must register your software.

Note: Once you receive your permanent license, you will also receive a 90-day trial extension for all non-purchased iWay features.

Tip: To view the features you have purchased, log onto the iWay Service Manager Administration Console and click Licenses in the top-right corner. The features that are currently in effect are displayed.

An iWay software license is associated with a specific site and a specific machine. When you register your software, your license file is generated based on information provided during the installation (Site Code) and registration (email address). Therefore, the site code you provide during installation must be accurate. The license files are sent to you through email. The process validates the email address supplied during registration and matches it to the domain name associated with the site code. License files cannot be sent to other domain names.

iWay 8.0 SM uses a software-based license management technology that verifies that the site code is valid and that the software has been activated on the eligible machine(s).

The license file (license.xml) contains one or more license keys required to activate specific features of iWay 8.0 SM. Do not attempt to edit this file.