2.4 Understanding iWay Variables (Special Registers)

Variables in iWay are also known as Special Registers (SREGs). SREGs allow users or the system to store values as variables and refer to them throughout message processing, component configuration, or when used on the server level. These variables can be accessed using the standard iWay Functional Language (iFL) function called _SREG(). For more information on this function or any iFL function, see the iWay Functional Language Reference Guide.

SREGs are created and presented to an application as required. In addition to the SREGs established to describe iWay Service Manager (iSM) settings, each listener in a channel inlet sets SREGs that are specific to the protocol being used. For example, the File listener creates _SREG(filename) to show the name of the file being processed.

Individual services (or nodes) in a process flow can also create SREGs that are applicable for that service.

SREGs and their values can be seen at any point in a process flow by using the Variables object, which is available under the Components group of the object palette in iWay Integration Tools (iIT), as shown in the following image.

Variables Object

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