Description - Kerberos realm for use with the Negotiate authentication scheme
Runtime Class - com.iwaysoftware.eclipse.template.KerberosRealmProviderType


Parameter Groups

  Parameter Type Description
  JAAS Configuration File string Location of the JAAS configuration file as a URL. The file: scheme will be used if the value is given without a scheme. This optional property overrides the login.config.url.n properties in the file and the system property.
* Application Entry string The Application Entry in the JAAS login configuration file that will be used to login to Kerberos. This entry should configure a Kerberos login module (Krb5LoginModule).
  Service Principal Name string The name used to identify this service in Kerberos. For example, HTTP/host:port@DOMAIN. This can be left blank if the Kerberos login module declares a principal.
  Kerberos Password password Kerberos password for this Service Principal Name. This can be left blank if the Kerberos login module is using a keytab.
* - denotes required