The Debug object dumps document and register information to a file. This object is located in the iWay Integration Tools (iIT) Palette, under the Tracing group, as shown in the following image.

Debug Object

Note: For users migrating from the iWay version 7 framework, be aware that the Debug object implements the QA Service (com.ibi.agents.XDQAAgent), which you are already familiar with and probably have configured previously.

When you add the Debug object to your process flow using iIT, configuration properties for this object are available in the Properties tab, as shown in the following image.

Debug Object Properties

Default action: create a snapshot

This action writes the input document, along with the state of the flow. For example, registers to a file.

This action requires a Debug Generic as well as the following required parameters.

Parameter Groups

Parameter Description
Name Trace identifier used to mark the current trace output.
Base64 Decode Decodes the contents of the current base64 document before logging to disk.

By default, this parameter is set to false.
Starting Offset If set, this is the starting offset within the data block to start the dump.
Maximum Length If set, this is the total number of bytes to dump.

If not set, the dump starts from the value specified for the Starting Offset parameter to the end of the buffer.