Requesting Permanent Licenses for iWay Software Products and Supported Components

iWay Software initially provides temporary licenses for products that are downloaded. Permanent license keys must be specifically requested. iWay Service Manager (iSM) includes a 90-day temporary license that provides access to all product features. For iWay Data Quality Server (DQS), either standalone or part of the Omni product suite, a two month temporary license is provided upon installation, usually by a representative from Information Builders Professional Services. iWay Integration Tools (iIT), which is a standalone Eclipse-based tool, does not require any license to be installed.

This document describes how to request permanent licenses for iWay Software products and supported components. The following topics are included:

  • iWay Service Manager
  • iWay Data Quality Server
  • Loqate


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iWay Service Manager

After starting iWay Service Manager (iSM), you can request a permanent license from the iSM Administration Console, as shown in the following image.

iSM Administration Console Licenses Menu

Verifying Your Current Installation

Before you request a permanent license for iSM, it is recommended to verify your current installation. When iSM is installed, the install.xml file is created in the \bin folder of the home directory.

Directory containing install.xml file
For example:

C:\Program Files (x86)\iway8\bin

The following image shows the contents of a sample install.xml file.

Contents of install.xml file

Before requesting your permanent license, verify that the following elements in the install.xml file contain valid values. If the values are not valid, then open a support case with Information Builders Customer Support.

  • <HOST>

    Must contain the host name of the machine where iSM is installed.

    Must contain a valid iWay Software site code that is provided to the customer by a local sales representative. Invalid site code values include 9999, or an incomplete site code that has a missing extension.
  • <CPU>

    Must contain a value that corresponds to the number of cores you purchased (licensed) for iSM. If you are using a Virtual Machine to host iSM, then instruct your system administrator to configure an image that reflects the number of purchased cores for iSM.

Applying for a permanent license with an invalid site code will result in an auto-reply message, which identifies the issue, as shown in the following example.

Auto-reply email message
Requesting Your Permanent License

To request a permanent license for iWay Service Manager (iSM):

  1. Start iSM and open the iSM Administration Console.
  2. Click Licenses in the menu located on the top, as shown in the following image.

    Licenses menu

    The Licensed Features pane opens, as shown in the following image.

    Licensed Features pane
  3. Click register the software.

    The Registration pane opens, as shown in the following image.

    Registration pane
  4. Provide the requested information on the form.
  5. Click Web or Email to submit your information.

    Once the request is submitted, a permanent license will be sent to the email address that was specified on the form, usually by the following week.

iWay Data Quality Server

There are two types of licenses for iWay Data Quality Server (DQS). The license that is provided depends on the type of purchase. 

  • Developer Server License. Bound by host and IP and sent under the labels PROD, QA, or DEV.
  • Desktop License. Not bound by host and IP, but restricted for design time only and without production deployment option. This license is sent under the USER label.

Perform the following steps to request your permanent license for iWay DQS:

  1. Go to the Technical Support Center and open a support case requesting an iWay DQS permanent license using Case Management.
  2. Complete and submit the iWay Data Quality Server Permanent License Request Form to initiate this permanent license request process.

    Note: One of the required fields on this form prompts you for the support case number (as shown in the following image) that you will receive after completing step 1 in this procedure.

    Enter IBI Support Case Number
  3. Open iWay DQS.
  4. Click Help on the menu bar and select License Information from the context menu, as shown in the following image.

    License Information context menu

    The License Information dialog opens, as shown in the following image.

    License Information dialog box
  5. Click Create License Request.

    Note: On non-Windows platforms where the iWay DQS GUI may not be available (for example, UNIX or Linux), you can run the Generate License Request utility by executing the following script:

  6. Save the system information that is generated by this utility in a .txt file on your file system.
  7. Attach or upload this information to the support case that you previously opened after completing step 1 in this procedure.

Once the permanent license is available, it will be sent to you by email and also attached to the support case. In the event of an emergency or an urgent requirement, a temporary iWay DQS license can be requested by opening a support case.


Loqate is supported component used to enable address cleansing operations in the Omni Data Quality Workbench or the standalone version of iWay DQS. Once your request for a permanent iWay DQS license is submitted and received, a determination is made as to whether you are eligible for a Loqate license based on Information Builders records. If you have not received a license key for Loqate, then contact Information Builders Customer Support.

Before installing Loqate, ensure that you have received a Loqate license key through email, as shown in the following example.

Loqate License

The Loqate license key must be provided during the Loqate installation.


Loqate licenses work on a subscription basis and expire after one year. The actual expiration date varies based on when the license was issued. Loqate will send you an email reminder about 30 days before the expiration date.

To keep the current Loqate installation active, the Loqate subscription must first be renewed. Once the Loqate subscription is renewed, the installation program (InstallManager.bat) must be rerun. When doing so, you must specify the original Loqate license that was delivered. The Loqate back-end server will verify the subscription renewal. When verified, a new runtime license file will be downloaded to your local Loqate installation.  At this point, you should also refresh your Loqate datapacks to acquire the latest knowledgebase.

Checking Your Loqate License Expiration Date

If your Loqate license expires, the Loqate engine will return a value of all zeros (0) in the AVC code, and an error may not be obvious.

To check the expiration date, run the following command and copy the results to a file:

On Windows: 

C:\loqate>lqtbatch –d [locate_installation_directory]\data>X.txt    

On UNIX/Linux: 

lqtbatch –d [locate_installation_directory]/data

Search the file for ExpiryDate. You should see entries similar to the following:

DSEUSAC.ExpiryDate : 2018-12-31
DSGTPWW.ExpiryDate : 2018-12-31
DSVTPWWO.ExpiryDate : 2018-12-31
DSVUSAC.ExpiryDate : 2018-12-31
KBCOMMON.ExpiryDate : 2018-12-31
LIBCUSA.ExpiryDate : 2018-12-31

Note: For demo licenses provided by Information Builders, the expiration date is December 31 (12/31) of each year. 
If this is a Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) installation, then the following type of information should be included at the end of the file:

Number of days until API expires : 567
Number of days until data expires : 49

Note: CASS data expires quarterly (as required by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to remain certified). It must be updated/downloaded accordingly, independent from the renewal of the Loqate license.