Generics - Twitter Connector

Description - A generic for connecting Twitter API services.


Parameter Groups

  Parameter Type Description
* Consumer Key: string Twitter Application Consumer Key.
* Consumer Secret: string Twitter Application Consumer Secret.
* Access Token: string Twitter Application Access Token.
* Access Token Secret: string Twitter Application Access Token Secret.
* - denotes required
  Parameter Type Description
  Connection Timeout: integer Http connection timeout in milliseconds
  Read Timeout: integer Http read timeout in milliseconds
  Streaming Read Timeout: integer Streaming API's Http Read timeout in milliseconds
  Retry Count: integer Number of HTTP retries
* Retry Interval: integer HTTP retry interval in seconds
  Pretty Debug: boolean Prettify JSON debug output if set to true
* - denotes required
  Parameter Type Description
* Enabled: boolean If on, emit through proxy server
  Host: string HTTP proxy server host name
  Port: integer HTTP proxy server port
  User: string HTTP proxy server user name
  Password: password HTTP proxy server password
* - denotes required
  Parameter Type Description
  Stream Base URL string Streaming API base URL
  Site Stream Base URL string Site Streams API base URL
* - denotes required