Generics - Amazon S3 Connector

Description - This generic configures the Amazon S3 Connector.

Parameter Groups

*Access keystringAccess key provided by Amazon
*Secret KeystringSecret Key provided by Amazon
ProtocolstringThe default configuration is to use HTTPS for all requests for increased security.

Select from one of the following options:
  • HTTP {http}
  • HTTPS {https}
Connection TimeoutintegerThe default timeout for creating new connections.
Max ConnectionintegerThe default max connection pool size.
Socket TimeoutintegerTime to wait (in milliseconds) for data to be transfered over an established, open connection before the connection times out and is closed. A value of 0 means infinity, and isn't recommended.
Role ARNstringUse ARN when you need to specify a resource unambiguously across all of AWS
* - denotes required
HoststringOptional proxy host the client will connect through.
PortintegerOptional proxy port the client will connect through.
WorkstationstringOptional Windows workstation name for configuring NTLM proxy support.
DomainstringOptional Windows domain name for configuring an NTLM proxy.
UserstringOptional proxy user name to use if connecting through a proxy.
PasswordpasswordOptional proxy password to use if connecting through a proxy.
* - denotes required
Max activeintegerThe default max connection pool size.
Max idleintegerWhen retrieving a connection from the pool to make a request, the amount of time the connection has been idle is compared against this value. Connections which have been idle for longer are discarded, and if needed a new connection is created.
Max waitinteger
Min evictions (ms)integer
Eviction check intervals (ms)integer
* - denotes required