Description - This provider creates a resusable configuration for managing keystores.
Runtime Class - com.iwaysoftware.eclipse.template.KeystoreProviderType


Parameter Groups

  Parameter Type Description
* Path: string Location of the keystore file or "NONE" if using PKCS11
  Password: password Keystore password
* Type: string Keystore type

Select from one of the following options:
  • CaseExactJKS {CaseExactJKS}
  • JKS {JKS}
  • PKCS12 {PKCS12}
  • Windows-MY {Windows-MY}
  • Windows-ROOT {Windows-ROOT}
  • BKS {BKS}
  • BKS-V1 {BKS-V1}
  • BouncyCastle {BouncyCastle}
  • DKS {DKS}
  • PKCS12-3DES-40RC2 {PKCS12-3DES-40RC2}
  • PKCS12-DEF-3DES-40RC2 {PKCS12-DEF-3DES-40RC2}
* - denotes required
  Parameter Type Description
  KeyStore JCE Provider: string JCE Provider implementing this Keystore type

Select from one of the following options:
  • SUN {SUN}
  • SunJSSE {SunJSSE}
  • SunJCE {SunJCE}
  Callback Handler: string The fully qualified class name of a Callback handler that will satisfy authentication callbacks for the keystore. The callback handler must satisfy the interface and be available on iSM's classpath.
  Reload Period: string Minimum time to wait before the provider checks if the KeyStore needs to be reloaded. The format is [xxh][xxm]xx[s]. Enter 0 to check for reload every time the KeyStore is requested. Leave the parameter empty to never reload the KeyStore. A file based KeyStore is reloaded only if the file was modified since last reload.
* - denotes required