Provider - Directory CertStore

Description - Directory CertStore Providers define directories from which certificates and CRLs can be loaded into a certifcate store.
Runtime Class - com.iwaysoftware.eclipse.template.DirectoryCertstoreProviderType


Parameter Groups

  Parameter Type Description
* CertStore Location string CertStore directory location.
  Certificate Factory JCE Provider string JCE Provider to use when creating the X.509 Certificate Factory

Select from one of the following options:
  • SUN {SUN}
  • BC {BC}
  Reload Period string Minimum time to wait before the provider checks if the directory contents was modified, hereby forcing the CertStore to be reloaded. The format is [xxh][xxm]xx[s]. Enter 0 to check the directory every time the CertStore is requested. Leave the parameter empty to never reload the CertStore.
* - denotes required