The End object terminates the process flow. All processes must terminate with at least one End object. There can be multiple End objects in a single process flow.

The End object is located in the iWay Integration Tools (iIT) Palette, under the Flow Control group, as shown in the following image.

Flow Control End Object

When you add the End object to your process flow using iIT, configuration properties for this object are available in the Properties tab and grouped by subtabs.

Configuration subtab:

End Configuration Subtab

Terminate. Leave unchecked to pass the document to the listener, or select to suppress transmission of the document to the listener. If your process flow provides all of the output necessary for your application, then you can select the check box in order to bypass the outlets associated with your channel. You can use multiple End objects with different settings in a process flow to direct document flow behavior. If you have multiple End objects which are not terminating, it may result in multiple documents being returned to the listener depending on the application design and multi-threading of the process flow.

Content-Type. Specify the media type of the message being returned from the drop-down list, as shown in the following image.

End Content Types

Schema subtab:

End Schema Subtab

A schema is needed if you intend to expose the process flow as a web service.

If you want to expose the process flow as a web service, specify a schema for the End object in the Schema field. Otherwise, leave this field blank. If you want to view a schema you selected, click View. The schema appears in the browser.

In the Root Tag Element field, type or select the name of the root tag element of the output document for the current process flow.

Debug subtab:

End Debug Subtab

The Debug subtab allows you to configure iterative tracing limits. When this object is part of an iterative loop, the maximum number of iterations that can be captured is 20. Tracing can be controlled by specifying the iteration that begins and ends the document capture.

Specify the iterations in which you want the tracing to begin and end.

The following tracing formats are available from the drop-down list:

  • Standard tracing (default)
  • Standard tracing displayed in hex format
  • Just the output document
  • None, under any circumstances