Description - Adds a file to the Hadoop File System

Runtime Class - com.ibi.agents.XDHDFSEmitAgent


This action requires a Generics Configuration as well as the following required parameters.

Parameter Groups

*Destination File:stringPath for the file to be created in HDFS
*Overwrite:booleanIf the destination file already exists in HDFS, should we overwrite? If false, the emit service will fail.
* - denotes required
*Output Document:stringDocument returned by object

Select from one of the following options:
  • Status Document {status} - Returns a status document
  • Input Document {input} - Returns the input document of the object.
* - denotes required

Output Events

OnFailedOperationCould not perform the operation requested.
OnParseErrorCould not parse a document.
OnNotFoundThe resource was not found. This may or may not be a failure.
OnFailConnectionCould not connect to the external system.